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HORARY:  Monday – Sunday
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Where the East meets the West and magic happens, Cinnamon Club promises an exploration of truly incredible flavors.

There are no false expectations at Cinnamon Club; The preparation of good Indian cuisine is taken seriously, and authentic dishes are treated with respect for the total enjoyment of our customers. Our philosophy, when something works, why break the tradition, just work with it? With a variety of fantastic Bollywood flavors, perfectly prepared and true in design, from homemade Dhal dishes and meats to Tandoori firewood, a Completely realistic gastronomic experience, which envelops the senses with warm, exciting and decadent aromas.

From soft, sweet and moist onion Bhajis to succulent marinated cuts of the finest quality meat and fish, seasoned to perfection and subtly submerged in your favorite marinades and sauces, the Cinnamon Club experience guarantees you a taste show “from start to finish” of flavor combinations simply created wonderfully and without the hype.

Outstanding Dishes, Hearty Main Dishes, Perfectly Prepared Sides, Masalas, Pathias, Dhansaks, Kormas, Tikkas and much more, the structure and design of the menu will allow you to experience the different layers of Indian cuisine available and as often as you are careful to visit. . With a succession of delicious and delicately spiced dishes brimming with purity and depth of flavor, why not brush up on tradition with our gloriously prepared celebration of the Orient?

Using only the freshest ingredients, we offer a splendid variety of traditional and modern Indian dishes for your pleasure. The product used in all our dishes comes from the best suppliers, our reddish brown seasoned meats with Garam Masala, Ginger, Burning Chillies and scented Cardamom or the soft and smooth spices of Garlic, Cumin and Heady Turmeric, coloring the palate . and leaving a memorable stain on the taste buds!

The seats are comfortable and elegant, with dramatic, bright and bold traditional tones, offering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which means it is a happy place for everyone to share the experience. Cinnamon Club is located on the upper deck of Puerto Marina and, in addition to a large indoor seating area, there is an extended balcony area that will allow those who wish to enjoy their meal while enjoying the delightful views of the harbor, a excellent alternative.

Transport yourself to another continent, immerse yourself in all that is a taste of India!

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