Restaurante La Tasca Latina & Olive Italiano

      Reservations recommended

If what you want is to taste the flavor of Spain, a Latin touch, a mouthful of Tex Mex or a swirl of Argentine magic, then La Tasca is the perfect place to visit.

Located on the lower deck of Puerto Marina, Benalmádena, La Tasca offers excellent tasting and exciting flavors that inspire your choice of a brilliantly extensive menu. From a perfect selection of classic Spanish dishes: Tapas galore, hearty creamy scrambled egg “casseroles” with ham, shrimp or chorizo, omelette, and traditional meat and seafood paellas.

Latina Mex Club offers succulent chicken wings marinated with spices from La Tasca, Quesadillas and Burritos or Classic Chilly Con Carne. All prepared with the “Special Recipe” of La Tasca.

Or a touch of Argentina, presented with smoked barbecue aromas from the Steak House menu, flaming hot, sizzling and cozy, steaks, chicken and mixed grills, all packed with juice and flavor, cooked to your specific needs, served with a hot sauce of your choice. Then finish with classic desserts, ice cream, or fruit. La Tasca’s menu is cleverly designed to provide the flavor and dining experience of a restaurant in a casual setting where shorts and T-shirts and the whole family are welcome. Family fun with fries and great food!

Perfect for larger parties and parties, but make a reservation, La Tasca is super popular and never wants to disappoint.

Reservations recommended

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