“Located in the heart of the Benalmádena marina”

The best Indian restaurant in Benalmádena. Where you will enjoy the best spices exported for you, a Food prepared with passion.

Everything in Mediterranean Cuisine. Grill & Cocktail Bar. A unique, quiet and pleasant atmosphere, you will enjoy a large outdoor terrace.

Steaks on stone and grill. This is not your usual steakhouse! It is totally different from what you know, impressive views over the marina.
Wide selection of perfectly smoked meats! Slow cooked in our authentic Pit Smoker, a very special grill.
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy!
If you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, seven days a week. You have found your place to enjoy it without haste, you will enjoy it.
Your Italian Restaurant par excellence, located in the heart of Benalmádena. Italian flavor, in a unique and quiet environment.

El mejor Italiano que podrás encontrar, situado en el corazón de Benalmádena. Sabor Italiano, en un ambiente único y tranquilo.


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